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Many years ago I had a bizarre experience known as the ‘Kundalini’; a term as unfamiliar to me as the strange events which followed. Essentially the experience left me with an extreme ‘heightened sensitivity’.  This enabled me to ‘sense’ or ‘mirror’ physiological and psychological symptoms within humans and animals. After several months of investigation I came across the subject of healing through touch.  I was astonished by the remarkable healing effect this was having on humans and it was these abilities that lead me into the world of horses.

During my time with horses I discovered ways to connect with their mind, emotional and instinctive intelligence and spent several years working with healing, teaching and training and became known as a Horse Whisperer.  

Over the years and with countless interactions with humans and horses I eventually realized that they too were offering me a mirror, a reflection of myself.  It occured to me, that if I was to recognize something within another, either through thought or feeling, this recognition somehow had to exist in me!  I understood this reflection as part of my human created side, a false sense of identity created by my human experience.  As time passed, I used the outside world and the reflections it offered as a guide to understand who and what I was as an individual. Some good, some not so, either way I somehow knew this was a ‘false sense of identity’ 

The journey of self discovery continued, and the constant questioning of who I thought I was, lead me towards an overwhelming experience of ‘Surrender'.  Without any prior knowledge or understanding that such an experience could even exist within my consciouness, the following took place: the Surrendering of created thoughts and emotions to 'a source' far superior to my limited mind and emotional perception.   A source of knowing, of wisdom and of intelligence. I call it 'Source’ as I have no other interpretation for it at the moment. 

Before this happened I had tried and tested many different ways to try and become something that I thought I should be, to enable me to grow in life and in my chosen field of profession.  At the time this was essential for my own evolution. However, it seemed that each positive I had placed through perception further suppressed the so called negatives that existed in me. It was only through the experience of ‘Surrender’ that gave a gateway to release the limiting, suppressed thoughts and emotions that had been created through this life of mine.  By releasing these suppressed thoughts and feelings from within, it seemed to create a space for the 'Source' to speak.  I feel lighter, fresher and more alive than ever before and the whole process seems to be taking me closer to the truth of my existence.  This truth exists somewhere in me, that I’m sure. What that truth is, I’m unsure at present, and this is why my story continues…. 

Somewhere, sometime, I’ll meet the truth, but in the mean time you’ll find me working on the screen script for book to film adaptation of my autobiography ‘Alignment’ the Trilogy.  I’ll continue to enjoy my Equine Podiatry and Barefoot trimming as a hobby and also as a profession. And of course, there’s ‘Alignment’, offering an experience for those who are interested.


Alignment – Supporting others towards their own Alignment with the help of horses (Worldwide)

Equine Podiatry - Trimming and rehabilitating the equine hoof (UK and Europe)

Horsemanship - Educating, rehabilitating and training of both horse and human (Worldwide)





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