'Explore, dream and discover a life without limits’
Horses in the mist
Adam has brought what comes naturally to him into his coaching towards Inner Alignment. Ever since he experienced the Kundalini he has been on a voyage of self discovery and with the help of the horses he has interacted with over the years, lives for the moment, understands the power of now and moves forward from his heart.

Together with a training team of horses, Adam invites you to travel deep within your mind and emotions and connect to your authentic self. Without overpowering another or becoming powerless, Alignment combines presence, strength and awareness with compassion, empathy and kindness and defines an inner reality of peace and acceptance.


Join Adam and the horses, as they guide you on a unique journey of self discovery and Alignment could offer you a bridge towards living a life full of peace, passion and purpose.





France: Argeles Sur Mer Perpignan, French Pyrenees

UK: Equinox coaching East Sussex

Portugal: Portugalbyhorse Midoes, Tabua

Spain: Equibalance Palencia

France:Bonnifont Poitiers


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 'An introduction to Alignment'

Horses lying

Introduction Course 

No experience with horses necessary

  • Explore subtle ways of communicating
  • Expand on your self awareness
  • Access your Inner Truth
  • Connect with the present moment
  • Align with your authentic self
  • Experience the power of now  

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'Become your authentic self'

zena 1 Alignmentt

Alignment 2 day course

No experience with horses necessary
  • Access your own wisdom and knowing
  • Get directly to your truth with deep clarity.
  • Align with your authentic self
  • Live with purpose, passion and freedom
  • Experience the power of now
  • Live the life you where born to lead

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