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 Adam's interest in equine hoof care started many years ago after he increasingly became more aware of how many foot related health problems the average domesticated horse was having. Having studied the works of Pete Ramey, KC La Pierre and Jaime Jackson he began trimming his own horses.  He moved on to trimming the horses that would come to him for either training or rehabilitation, and saw remarkable results in the training stages due to foot comfort.  Over the years of studying horses feet, Adam noticed other factors to consider for the overall health of a horses hoof, the enviroment they live in and their nutritional needs. By bringing all this information together Adam runs a successful barefoot trimming practice throughout the UK and Western Europe and encourages owner education on the principles of equine hoof care


The Trim

We trim hooves so that they do not get overgrown, and to help them keep a correct shape, size and function.  Every feature of the hoof has a purpose and a ""physiologically correct" barefoot trim is created almost like a "piece of art". A healthy foal is born with the "blueprint" of hooves and a healthy hoof and correct trimming provides comfort for mobility, appropriate traction, surefootedness, correct breakover and balance. It provides function for proper circulatory and metabolic function, protection of sensitive internal structures and shock absorption.  My commitment to you and your horse is too create healthy structures within the hoof by trimming the outer form of the hoof.  This aids correct function to each feature, giving better comfort and performance for you and your horse. 


 To provide a healthy and happy enviroment for our horses, my preference is a paddock paradise system. 

Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model and guide for safe, natural horsekeeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of "Paddock Paradise" is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. This unique and unprecedented model is adaptable to virtually all size horse properties, regardless of climate, and fits all equine breeds regardless of how they are used. Consider some of the following benefits for creating a Paddock Paradise for your horses:

  • Encourages more natural movement, as nature intended.
  • Greater movement means natural hoof wear with fewer bills.
  • Protects horses from dangerous founder-prone pastures.
  • Minimizes the need for warm-up exercise time before riding.
  • Helps address neurotic behavior by providing natural outlets.
  • Provides an effective means for diet and weight management.
  • Adaptable for breeding, foaling, multiple horse operations.


 Horses, ponies and other equines are definitive herbivores, making them totally dependent upon fibrous forage for a healthy digestive system and metabolism. Wherever possible, feeding a horse should be based on a natural and appropriate diet. The importance of diet and healthy hooves should not be under estimated and how you feed your horse is as important as what and how often you feed him. A paddock paradise system with fibrous forage, mineral rich grazing pastures for self selection and add lib good quality organic hay is an ideal.



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Due to my back ground in rehabilitating horses, I specialise in youngsters having their first trim and nervous horses