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The true story of Adam Shereston, an ordinary sceptical man who, after an out-of-body experience, became a horse whisperer with a phenomenal gift.

This quirky autobiography tells of an ordinary man’s journey from spiritual scepticism to certain belief after a shocking out-of-body experience leaves him questioning his very existence. Even more extraordinary is the curious ability he now has.

In an unusual turn of events, he is led into the world of horses where he finds that they naturally respond to him and he immediately develops a passion for them.

In this down-to-earth account of Adam's humble beginnings and day-to-day existence, you will read through his ups and downs and magical moments.

Alignment raises some interesting questions around the idea of an eternity and will touch people from all walks of life.

Mark Tompkins, Newmarket racehorse trainer, on Adam’s work with his horse, Esperance:

"I was amazed by the result and God knows what he does, but if there's such a thing as a miracle, this was one. Adam is a bit of a character, but he certainly has a gift."


Adam Shereston is a well-respected horse whisperer and healer. He travels around the UK and Continental Europe teaching his original approach to horsemanship. His unique style captures his distinctive perspective on life and helps both horse owners and non-riders alike.

Sarah Powell is a first time author who shares Adam’s spiritual outlook. She is a successful intuitive who gives personal readings that focus on life direction and communication with loved ones in spirit, and runs Bonnifont Centre of Wellbeing in rural France.


On arrival at the stables the next day, we made our introductions and headed across the yard towards the stable. I asked him what the vet had diagnosed, to which he replied, ‘You’re the expert, why don’t you tell me?’ It made me smile. Mark, still far from convinced, was not about to give anything away.

At this point, I still didn’t really have any idea of why I was there or what was wrong with Esperance. Once we had reached the stable, I peered over the door and saw a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred looking back at me. While Mark looked on from the yard, I went in to see his horse. Given his obvious scepticism, it crossed my mind that he might be setting me up with the wrong horse just to test me.

Either way, I knew that I just had to trust in the process, particularly given the way in which this event had occurred. As I moved closer to Esperance, I suddenly heard a voice say, ‘The problem is in my left shoulder.’ Blimey, I thought, even horses are talking to me now.

I glanced over towards Mark, but he didn’t seem to have heard anything, of course. I wondered momentarily if it had just been my mind playing tricks on me; however, the voice had been loud and clear. I decided it wise not to share what I’d heard with Mark, but I relayed to him what I felt to be the nature of the problem and pointed to the area of affliction on Esperance. Seemingly surprised that my assessment was correct and suitably confident that his horse was now in safe hands, he said to me, ‘Okay, you can carry on now.’ And with that, he walked off.