Danielle Visarius - Horsemanship Trainer


 Danielle guides in a intuitive way, enabling both horse and human to find their balance together.  She is originally from Holland, where she succesfully has been starting young horses, resolving behavioural problems and coaching owners.  Characteristic of her work is the empathic ability to sense what's needed for horse and rider.  She makes people aware of what they can't see, but can feel and shows how subtle changes in themselves, can have positive effects on their horse. 

Danielle has had horses in her life since the age of 12, backed the first youngsters when she was 17 and hacked out bareback and bridleless. Her passion, together with meeting her challenging mare several years ago, made her explore many different methods of horsemanship.    Her approach finds its roots in years of close collaboration with Adam, training programs she followed with horse(wo)men all over Europe and her background in Equine Assisted Learning (EAGALA) and Shamanic healing.



Danielles original approach involves the use of empathy, intuition and clear communication, through body language, feel and timing.  In collaboration with owners and using a combination of horsemanship techniques which horses natually understand, Danielle can assist you in learning the language of your horse to help build a harmonious partnership. 

For individuals or groups who are looking to improve their relationship with their horse, address specific issues or for those who need on site assistance.  Danielle offers tuition in groundwork, riding for all disciplines, horse handling and behaviour.  She can help you to develop your skills to give your horse what it needs so it will freely offer you what you want. 



"Danielle came out today and spent a very long time with us and was absolutely FANTASTIC really liked her attitude, got what she was teaching and thoroughly enjoyed her time. She has given me SO much homework to do which is brilliant. I feel now we are on the up. Hopefully Danielle is coming out again. She is lovely, very impressed when Maestro being a git, very professional lady."