Adam Shereston- Horse Whisperer, Trainer and Coach
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Adam has developed an original approach to interaction with horses, which involves empathy and clear communication through 'feel', intuition, balance and timing. His methods do not involve dominance or pressure, but instead work with the natural willingness that horses offer when they understand a request. He teaches how to connect with a horse's sensitivity and intelligent mind in order to effectively encourage its physical manoeuvres. Adam's 'feel' based approach can make a positive difference whether you are a happy hacker or serious competition rider.
Adam says:
Trust, respect and understanding play a big part in all good relationships. It is clear when they are absent. The same applies to horses, but on a much more sensitive level. We need to be aware that they read, process and react to every movement or behavioural response within their sensory field. Our levels of trust, respect and understanding speak volumes in any situation, and if earnest, will be reciprocated through responsiveness and enhanced performance.
We can actually learn a lot from horses themselves, not least in how they interact with each other. But we need the patience and desire to watch them and listen to them. Horses communicate with each other via body language and 'feel'. Their language is based on instincts and learnt behaviour that encourages natural harmony within their herd. A horse is designed to synchronize physically and mentally with that which they trust and respect, and will naturally try to disconnect from anything that creates physical or mental   pressure. Learning to appreciate and work with their universal language in this way; applying it to groundwork; transferring it to ridden work; will help you move towards an harmonious and successful relationship with your horse. 

     Horse Training 

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     Horse Tuition 
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    Call outs & Consultations
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 For more information on any of the above Contact Adam
 1 Day introduction Course
Come and enjoy a relaxed, informal and insightful day with Adam and the horses. On the day you will be introduced to Adams way of being with horses, his horse management philosophies and watch him work.  During the day you will learn valuable skills to further your relationship with yourself and your horse.

Tea and Coffee provided, bring your own lunch.

£65.00 per person 

 Horsemanship foundation course (2 days)

Adam & Mathew course

  • Basic understanding of horsemanship
  • Includes lunch & refreshments + 2 tickets to Friday evening demonstration
  • £175 + VAT

 Improved communication & riding (3 days)

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  • Enhanced understanding of horsemanship
  • Includes lunch & refreshments
  • £255 + VAT


The complete horsemanship programme (5 days) 

Tessa course


  • Advanced level of horsemanship
  • Includes lunch & refreshments
  • Incorporates personal development classroom sessions to enhance your confidence and awareness, and support your communication with horses
  • £595 + VAT

 "I learnt this morning that I didn't know much about horses, and I have been working already with horses for forty or fifty years."


For more information on the above courses Contact Adam