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Spiritual awakening and transformation Feature Film Alignment. Adam Shereston
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A simple tale of truth which carries a message in an extraordinary story

Former Royal Family game keeper Adam Shereston, who after a shocking out-of-body experience became a Horse Whisperer bestowed with a phenomenal gift.

Adam Shereston worked hard and played hard to achieve material success, conditioned to believe like many that it would bring him his happiness. However, here he stood surrounded by wealth slowly being suffocated by crippling fear, panic attacks and anxiety! Frustrated and confused, this forced him into a concentrated period of self analyse where he starts to question ‘Who am I?' 

Whilst seeking the meaning to life and trying to find the purpose to his existence, he begins to slowly unravel the mystery and discover the truth hidden behind the illusion of his reality. Working for the Queen had offered its own trials and tribulations but nothing could prepare him for a shocking out-of-body experience where he realised that true happiness can only be found within. This triggered his consciousness to rise from his body which awakened a wise voice that whispered, 'you are immortal'.  Unbeknowningly to Adam this was the beginning of his spiritual awakening. The miracle of a transformation ensued and his human physical form that was once born of fear was slowly realised and re-born back into its original state of Love. It's Adam's story about his walk towards Alignment with the universal, divine consciousness of God within. Over time and orchestrated by this voice, Adam tentatively navigates this new and unfamiliar territory and in an unusual turn of events he is guided into the world of horses where he becomes a horse whisperer, bestowed with a phenomenal gift.

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Adam Shereston autobiography feature film Alignment

Adam has written a full length Feature film trilogy screen play and is currently drafting Alignment 4 & 5. He Directed and Produced a short film of the first feature with no prior experience in film production to give an insight into his story.  It starts with 2 short episodes and then the short film.

Series 1 Episode 1 - 'Who am I?'

Spiritual awakening and transformation feature film

Having achieved material success in his search for happiness, Adam begins to question the meaning of life.

Spiritual awakening and transformation feature film.

Series 1 Episode 2 - 'Panic Attack'

After the sudden loss of consciousness, Adam realises the root to his panic attacks.

Alignment Short Film

Spiritual awakening and transformation feature film.

The continuation, a short film introduction to the first full length feature film of the Alignment Trilogy.

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