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Alignment Horse Therapy

Spiritual awakening and transformation with horses.

Adam knows how tough and lonely the path of spiritual transformation can be whilst you're trying to discovery who you really are. With the alternative and spiritual market flooded with information these days, much of which is second hand re-scripted stuff from the same text book of another’s experience. Here, Adam offers you his unique experience of his personal walk with God, mentoring individuals who want to realise the truth to who they are and discover their own God given purpose and potential through equine assisted activities.

With or without horses, Adam can support you as you navigate your way through your pre-programmed mental, emotional, and physical aspects and help you re-align them with your innate nature and your true spiritual self. There are no short cuts or quick fixes but there is a route and a way. The only difference between yours and Adam's is the content you have to move through from your past.

Equine Podiatry

Barefoot trimming and equine podiatry with Adam Shereston.

Adam is considered to be one of the best Equine Podiatrists in the country, known for his gentle and respectful approach around horses and his wealth of knowledge. He assists owners on the environmental aspects on how to keep a horse naturally and the effects this has on the horses hooves and supports them with natural horsemanship handling and hoof care to optimise their horses health and wellbeing.

Barefoot trimming and Equine Podiatry worldwide with Adam Shereston

Horse Whispering

Horse Whispering worldwide with Adam Shereston

With over twenty years of experience teaching, training and rehabilitating horses, Adam now specialises in guiding owners on how to connect on a more profound level through hearing a horses whisper. Listening and understanding what your horse is communicating is key to your relationship and having the neccessary tools to respond accurately will enable you to ask a horse through feel and timing to do any manouver of which they already know how to do. Adam helps align the subtle communication that takes place between both, highlights the areas where there's a break down in communication and supports you both towards a more harmonious relationship based on trust, respect and understanding. 


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