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Adam Shereston
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Adam grew up in the countryside and felt connected and protected by animals and nature after the unexpected loss of his father at the age of six. His love for animals continued and later on in life he worked for the Queen looking after 26 gun dogs on Sandringham Estate. This period offered its own trials and tribulations but nothing could prepare him for a shocking out-of-body experience where his consciousness rose from his body and he heard a wise voice whisper that he was immortal! This was the beginning of Adam's awakening to spirituality and an understanding of the inner, higher consciousness of God. In an unusual turn of events this same voice guided Adam into the world of horses and he has spent over twenty years guiding and mentoring others on their spiritual path through his Alignment therapy programs sharing the incredible wisdom horses have to offer. Adam uses his experience and connection with horses to help others awaken and connect consciously to their inner most intimate selves. He also teaches, trains and rehabilitates traumatised horses and is a professional equine podiatrist.


Adam has written his autobiography which was published in 2012 and has written a full length feature film trilogy screen play about his extraordinary life and directed and produced his first film in 2021.   

Spiritual awakening and transformation with horses.

Alignment Therapy  

Barefoot trimming and Equine Podiatry with Adam Shereston

Equine Podiatry

Horse Whispering with Adam Shereston

Horse Whispering


With over twenty years of experience teaching, training and rehabilitating horses, Adam now specialises in guiding owners on how to connect on a more profound level with horses through hearing a horses whisper. He helps align and synchronise the subtle communication that takes place between both and coaches a combination of body language and inner feel, which leads to a more harmonious relationship based on trust, respect and understanding. 

Adam is considered to be one of the most sort after Equine Podiatrists in the country. Known for his gentle and respectful approach around horses and his wealth of knowledge. He assists owners on the environmental aspects on how to keep a horse naturally and the effects this has on the horses hooves and supports them using natural horsemanship handling and hoof care to optimise their horses health and wellbeing.

Horses have been Adam's greatest mirrors and mentors, offering him the truest and most honest reflection of himself so that he can heal and transform from his past. They have helped him understand how his unconscious has been patterned from the past, how it perceives reality in the present and the reasons to its reactions. Ultimately, they have supported him to realise and release many unwanted thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that have limited him in life.

Feature Film

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at
The Alignment feature film trilogy is based on a true story about Adam's extraordinary life.
It first came about as the title to his autobiography that was published in 2012. It took Adam a total of seven years to write the full length screen plays and he Directed and Produced his first film in 2021.

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