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Alignment Horse Therapy

Awakening with Horses

Adam knows how tough and lonely the path of spiritual transformation can be whilst you're trying to discover who you really are. With the alternative and spiritual markets flooded with information these days, much of which is second hand re-scripted and reformulated from the same text book of another’s experience. Here, Adam offers you his unique experience of his personal walk with God, mentoring individuals who want to realise the truth to who they are and discover their own God given purpose and potential through equine assisted activities. Alignment horse therapy is a holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of learning that combines spirituality and psychology whilst working closely in collaboration with Adam and the horses. Adam will support you as you navigate your way through your pre-programmed mental, emotional, and physical aspects, which will be mirrored by the horses and help you re-align them with your innate nature and your true spiritual self. There are no short cuts or quick fixes but there is a route and a way. The only difference between yours and Adam's is the inner content you have to travel through.


'Heal and transform whilst being guided by the masters of the mirror ...'

How it works

The core of Alignment therapy is to empower people to to discover their God given purpose and potential by over-coming personal challenges and find healing and truth through authentic, experiential equine assisted learning. To enable you to live life from the heart space of who you truly are. Horses are naturally gentle, calm and sensitive creatures. They are able to mirror and respond honestly to your mental, emotional and physical reactions and responses and help you gain awareness of what you're actually saying at any given moment. This means that they are highly effective at interacting with you in a patient and non-judgemental manner. As your time with Adam and the horses organically unfolds, they will help you gain more awareness of yourself and will guide you on how to observe your thoughts and feelings within your present experience and show you the way in which your unconscious is interpreting your reality. This will help you identify certain feelings and current patterns of behaviour. Some of these patterns will be limiting your true expression of who you really are and hindering you from living your life's purpose. These patterns of behaviour will somehow be linked and attached to your past and will trigger in you and then be mirrored by the horse in its response to you. Once these have been identified, you will be supported as you re-visit your past, realise the primary root cause that created the reaction in the first place and in this realisation there will be an automatic release and a new more positive feeling and pattern of behaviour created. It will also lift the limitations it has placed on your life. The primary root cause of any kind of negative emotion or reaction will likely be heavily guarded by certain protective layers of secondary thoughts and feelings. It is paramount to identify and work through these first to enable access and release of the root cause. The primary root cause of any pattern will be connected to your natural instinct of survival and your fight, flight or freeze reflexes. So, when you are triggered your physical identity will become who you think you need to be to survive the experience, and your true innate nature and spiritual self will be momentarily silenced until the perceived danger has passed. Everything in life has seasons and runs in cycles, the same is true for spiritual transformation. After each realisation and release of the root cause there will be an integration process where your mental, emotional and physical aspects will come into more alignment with your innate nature and true spiritual self, each time taking you a step closer to living more authentically with who you really are. 

Alignment equine assisted learning and therapy retreat
Mens healing retreat with horses

Adam compliments Alignment therapy with other relational activities including yoga, meditation, massage, dance and music all of which are ways to help you connect deeper with yourself and others.

Intimacy and relationships retreat with horses
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He will cover you with his mane and, tucked in the curve of his neck, you will find refuge.

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