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11 Steps to Alignment


This free guide has been created from personal experience and is designed to help you understand how your mind, your emotions and your physicality has patterned itself to think and feel in the way that it does! How will you benefit from the 11 steps? This guide will help you understand how your unconscious mind perceives reality and you’ll understand how your emotional reactions and responses get triggered by your outer world. You'll gain some awareness of how your mind gets patterned and how your emotions link and attach to your physical reactions. With this awareness, you might then be able to realise the origin of what experience created the pattern in the first place. Once you realise the origin it automatically brings a release and a powerful change to the original response. It will create awareness so that you can begin to understand what necessary internal changes you need to make to powerfully impact the way you feel in your outer experience. What do you get from this guide? This guide won't baffle you with science, spirituality or psychology. It's a simple, understandable and effective system drawn from experience to help you help yourself. There are questions in the guide and it's advisable to journal your thoughts and feelings that arise about yourself and your life as you read through it. The 11 steps is not a quick fix as there are no quick fixes to deep healing, but it has the potential for you to realise and release some intense emotional charges that you maybe experiencing. Every course is designed to enable you to realise the root of the problem. Alignment is a process of realisation, as without the realisation of the origin it cannot be fully released, that is when true transformation and healing takes place!

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